Transient Audio B.V. i.o. is a subsidiary of All Engineering B.V. , headquartered in Maarsbergen, the Netherlands.
Transient Audio B.V. is a company with a history of innovation in many fields of electronic design. In the field of high end Hi-Fi, All Engineering is also known for its critically acclaimed and award  winning brand Metrum Acoustics.


Transient Audio B.V. experience in Hi-Fi dates back to 1989 when pioneering electrostatic speaker systems. At a later stage more electronic applications were added to the already impressive portfolio. Throughout the development of the company the common dominator always has been creating industry leading development of digital signal processing.


When one turns the attention to digital systems within the field of Hi-Fi, the diversity of its components is extremely limited. The manufacturers that supply these components decide how signals should be processed by not supplying alternatives and therefore also greatly influencing the sound image that is created.


The current trend among manufacturers is to include techniques such as ‘oversampling’ and ‘up sampling’ within the chip itself, forcing designers to utilize these techniques for their products. Incidentally, it also means that many brands systems use the same building blocks and that the sound image of these systems betrays what components have been used.


If a designer feels that things should be done differently, then he is forced to choose between the limited variety of building blocks, or to find refuge within the selection of far older components. Techniques such as ‘oversampling’ and ‘up sampling’ were created to fulfill the need to smoothen the conversion process from ‘digital to analogue’ and to prevent phase distortion. Particularly during the years directly after the introduction of the CD-player, the conversion methods that were used proved not to be free of sonic artifacts and thus insufficient.


In response to that strong filtering being introduced, the oversampling technique was born. Though fans of the technique can’t stop singing its praises, fact is that oversampling and up sampling have disadvantages which manifest as transient response in earlier mentioned systems.

Nowadays there is a group designers that prefers ‘non-oversampling’ (or shortly, NOS), but that has to make do with old chips, with all the consequences thereof.

Transient Audio B.V. has dedicated a lot of its time and efforts researching the premise, and endorses the validity of the audible benefits, up to a point. The question then turned to removing the sonic artifacts, without resorting to oversampling. A question that has been answered by our Transient products, digital to analogue converters that has been constructed with modern, industrial chips and which are free of many of the disadvantages of the past.

On this dedicated website you can read how our products turned from ideas into several OEM products. Transient is an OEM product which can be used by any audio related Company who is involved by creating the best digital audio devices.

The Transient products are not created by theory and measuring only, but also on a large part based on long listening sessions. If you go for the best specs, we are probably not the right partner for you but if music is driving you, we invite you to look around. Over time more products will see the light but still there is a change that you cannot find the right product for your application. In such cases we probably can match our standard products or we are able to design a product that meets your needs.

The Transient Audio Team