The DAC Two is a modern high precision dac and is fully pin compatible with our DAC One module. Based on our “forward correction technology” the DAC Two is probably the best R2R ladder dac module ever made. Due to this technology a real 24 bits performance is realized and probably the most easy way to build up a converter system which can meet the best systems today in terms of sound quality.


The Dac Two is build up around two fast and very accurate R2R ladder networks. To match these ladder networks to real audio formats, fast FPGA logic is added and makes the dac compatible with RJ24 and I2S standards. The Dac Two is physically split up in two sections . The digital section is running on 5 Volt DC while the analog section is running on max. symmetrical +/- 12 Volts. Both positive or negative reference voltages can be used and gives a fully symmetrical voltage swing. The Dac Two can handle real 24 bit formats and brings linearity down to -144dB.